Why is My Pinky Toenail So Small? (7 Main Reason to Know)

Why Is My Pinky Toenail So Small

Have you ever looked at your feet and thought, why is my pinky toenail so small? If that’s the case, then you’re not the only one. Numerous people feel self-conscious about their pinky toenails, with some individuals willing to get acrylic to conceal their natural nails. However, your toenails are short for a reason.

While some factors are genetic, other reasons for your small toenail are your callous lifestyle and lack of regard for your feet. Hence, to help you understand the little toe phenomenon, here’s what you need to know:

Is The Location of My Toenail the Reason It Is Small?

Your pink toenail is anatomically prone to trauma and abuse. That’s because your metatarsal bones are attached to muscles; as they stretch, they connect your tones. Therefore, your pinky toe’s muscle is attached to the fourth metatarsal, which makes it stick outwards. As a result, it may get damaged and injured, hurting your toenail.

So, if you want the answer to this question: Why is my pinky toenail so small? You can attribute it to your toe’s location.

Can Nail Dystrophy Make My Pinky Toenail Small?

Your small toenail can become thick and discolored. That’s because your pinky toe is susceptible to frequent rubbing that can make it harder and discolored. In some cases, it may also look infected and have a yellowish tinge that may remind you of fungus.

If you’re still wondering: Why is my pinky toenail so small? Understand that your footwear plays a vital role in your feet. For example, if you wear constrictive shoes with no room for your toes to stretch, you encourage your pinky toenail to get impacted. But, if you carefully select spacious, comfortable, loose footwear, you can prevent your nail from getting destroyed.

Common Problems Surrounding the Pinky Toe

Your pinky toenail can experience numerous problems because of the way it stretches out. These ailments are more concerning than wondering why is my pinky toenail so small.

Depending on your feet, you may end up with hammer toe syndrome, have broken bones, and suffer from ingrown nails or fungal infections. In addition, if you have a hammer toe, you may end up with swelling and inflammation since even the slightest brush can make your toe act out.

The best remedy is to bandage your toenails or look into ointments that prevent your nail from getting infected. In addition, specific individuals may have a genetic condition that causes them to have minor toenails.

For example, they may have tiny toes because of a condition called macrodactyly. As a result, their nail bed may be too small, causing short nails.

Can Your Toenail Fall Off?

One of the downsides of pinky toenails is that they can fall off. The consistent wear and tear put pressure on your pinky toenails which can cause them to move from their position. It’s painful and can easily cause your nail to fall off. If you are experiencing immense pain in your toenail, you need to look after it better.

So, apart from wondering Why is my pinky toenail so small, you should also focus on how you can improve the condition of your nail. Anytime your nail starts aching and shifting from the bed, wear open-toe shoes and avoid wearing socks. Gradually, your toenail will fall off, and you must wait for it to grow. It may take about a week before your nail makes a comeback. You can further ease your pain by using topical analgesic cream and an anti-bacterial ointment to prevent an infection from settling in.

How Can I Hide My Small Toenails?

There is nothing wrong with worrying about your appearance and fretting over the size of your toenail. If the thought of “Why is my pinky toenail so small” highly bothersome, there are specific ways to hide it.

You can get acrylic nails that are liquid monomers shaped into a nail and pressed on top of your actual pinky toenail. You can also get fake nails that can easily stick to your nails without needing a professional to set them in place.

If you don’t want to invest in these treatments, get closed-toe shoes like sneakers, flats, and loafers. You may want to skip out on wearing sandals if you don’t want to showcase your feet.

Detecting Ingrown Pinky Toenails

Ingrown toenails are a menace. They are painful, cause your toes to swell, and also lead to fungal infections. So, as you read up on Why is my pinky toenail so small, find out if you are dealing with ingrown pinky toenails.

There are distinguishing symptoms that are telltale signs that you may be dealing with this problem. These include a sharp pain around your toenail that is sensitive to touch, and the skin near your nail may also turn red and be highly swollen.

Likewise, upon closer inspection, you may have an infection. That’s because ingrown nails can puncture your skin, exposing it to microorganisms. Please don’t attempt to remove your nail at home and get it treated immediately. If you don’t, the infection will worsen, and pulling your nail may injure the nail bed.

How to Treat a Fungal Infection?

Check-in with your doctor if you have a fungal infection. These experts can clear the area without damaging the delicate nail bed. However, if you want to treat the infection at home, you must be extremely careful.

To begin your treatment, dip your feet in warm water for at least twenty minutes to reduce swelling. You may need to use anti-fungal cream or tea tree oil to treat the fungus. Use fresh gauze or cotton to cover the nail when cleaning and putting in cream. If the fungal inspection is too widespread, you need to get it removed.

Final Thoughts

It is natural to feel self-conscious about your looks, especially your feet. If the question “Why is my pinky toenail so small?” is always on your mind, don’t worry. Numerous factors make your nail short. A small toenail may be due to your genetic makeup or vigorous lifestyle.

If you invest in tight shoes with minimal space to breathe, it can mess up your toenail. Likewise, the consistent friction can also cause your pinky toenail to fall off and become prone to fungal infections. Hence, if you want to remedy this situation and have better-looking nails, start by improving your foot hygiene, getting a doctor to look at them, and investing in better shoes. As long as you don’t let cracks and infections fester for long, your nails will become healthier in no time.


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