What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Sugar Cravings?

What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Sugar Cravings

Many people disregard sugar carvings. But there can be some serious problems if you don’t take care of this unhealthy addiction.

When you consult a doctor for this issue, they may tell you to have a deficiency of specific vitamins. The question arises; what vitamin deficiency causes sugar cravings? The answer is simple. When your body lacks minerals such as zinc, chromium, magnesium, and calcium, you crave sugar so that your body can produce insulin. A deficiency in vitamin B12 also causes sugar cravings. The deficiency of these minerals can be due to stress, poor diet, and overeating sugar.

Sugar addiction and zinc

Zinc is a mineral that plays a significant role in creating DNA and cells, healing tissues, strengthening the immune system, and increasing proteins. It is available in meat, poultry, seafood, pork, dairy products, legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are a vegan or eat meat; you will still be able to take it in. If not, then zinc can also be taken as supplements prescribed by the doctor.

Intake of zinc

According to the national institute of Health, people should take zinc according to their age bracket, or it can be harmful.

  • Newborn to six months:         
  • Infants (seven to twelve months):    
  • Children (one to three years):   
  • Children (four to eight years):     
  • Tween (nine to thirteen years):   
  • Teen males (fourteen to eighteen years):
  • Teen female (fourteen to eighteen years):      
  • Adult male:        
  • Adult female:      
  • Pregnant teens:   
  • Pregnant adults:           
  • Breastfeeding teens:           
  • Breastfeeding adults:             
  • Two milligrams
  • Three milligrams
  • Three milligrams
  • Five milligrams
  • Eight milligrams
  • Eleven milligrams
  • Nine milligrams
  • Eleven milligrams
  • Eight milligrams
  • Twelve milligrams
  • Eleven milligrams
  • Thirteen milligrams
  • Twelve milligrams

Sugar addiction and magnesium

Magnesium is a component of vitamins that helps support nervous function, muscles, and energy production. It is helpful to keep bones strong, the heartbeat steady, and produce insulin. Magnesium controls blood sugar levels and is also responsible for glucose regulation in the body.

To improve magnesium intake, you can add poultry, beef, bananas, apples, nuts, raisins, oats, rice, spinach, avocados, carrots, black beans, lima and kidney beans, broccoli, soybeans, cereal bread, salmon, halibut to your diet.

Intake of magnesium

According to the NIH Office of dietary supplements, from birth to six months, 30 mg is recommended. From seven to twelve months, 75 mg is suitable. For one to three-year-old children, doctors prescribe 80 mg. From four years to the eighth year and from nine to thirteen years, 130 mg and 240 mg, respectively.

Males in their teens should take 410 mg of magnesium, while females should have 360 mg during routine and lactation. But during pregnancy, women should take 400 mg. Adult males are directed to take 400-420 mg, and adult females should take 310-320 mg during daily life and lactation and 350-360 mg when pregnant. For fifty-one-plus males, 420 mg dosage is required, and 320 mg is necessary for females.

Sugar addiction and chromium

Chromium exists in two forms in the universe; trivalent and hexavalent. The trivalent form is used as a vitamin, while the hexavalent form of chromium is toxic. Chromium increases the action of the hormone insulin, and it also helps in the breakdown of fats, protein, and carbohydrates.

Chromium is found in several nutrients but in small amounts. Grain products, meat, spices, fruit, nuts, vegetable, beer, and wine have chromium inside them.

Chromium intake

The following are the recommended chromium intake values:

Birth to six months: 0.2 mcg

Seven to twelve months: 5.5 mcg

One to three years: 11 mcg

Four to eight years: 15 mcg

Nine to thirteen years (male): 25 mcg

Nine to thirteen years (female): 21 mcg

Fourteen to eighteen years (male): 35 mcg

Fourteen to eighteen years (female): 24 mcg

Pregnant Teen: 29 mcg

Breastfeeding Teen: 44 mcg

Adult male: 35 mcg

Adult female: 25 mcg

Pregnant adult: 30 mcg

Breastfeeding adult: 45 mcg

51+ years (male): 30 mcg

51+ years (female): 20 mcg


There may be many reasons why you crave sugar. But a medical professional is likely to suggest you lack certain minerals and vitamins in your diet. This blog highlights what vitamin deficiency causes sugar cravings and how to add it to your diet. You can also look for or ask the doctor for natural remedies or supplements to cure your deficiency healthily. 


What vitamin deficiency causes sugar cravings?

According to doctors and researchers, the deficiency of Vitamin B12 causes sugar cravings. In addition, deficiencies of magnesium, chromium, zinc, iron, and calcium can lead to sugar cravings.

Does B12 deficiency cause you to crave sweets?

A deficiency of vitamin B12 is one reason you may have a lot of sugary items. Drink water, lessen the intake of coffee and tea, and eat yogurt to cure it.

Do you crave sugar when your iron is low?

If you have low iron levels, your energy level will also be very low, and your body will crave sweets to intake the carbs to boost it.

What vitamins kill sugar cravings?

Sugar is wanted by the body to produce energy. B vitamins provide you with energy; therefore, they are effective in curbing sugar addiction.

How do I stop my constant sugar craving?

To stop craving sweet things, you should eat healthy food with more protein. Drink a glass of water, or have a fruit. Avoid trying to consume artificial sweeteners.

What to do when you are craving sugar and low in calcium?

A deficiency of calcium can cause sugar addiction. When you look up the question what vitamin deficiency causes sugar cravings, you will find remedies and food that you can have to restore the right amount of calcium inside your body.


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