How Not Eating After 7pm Results in Better Health

Not Eating After 7pm

How Not Eating After 7pm:

Many people are curious about when they should have their last meal of the day or when to stop eating at night because of the perception that late-night munching can lead to weight gain. It is well known that eating more than your body’s requirements contributes to weight gain. If you are having your dinner late at night or are munching on top of your meals, you might need to reconsider the schedule of your meals to improve your lifestyle.

Ever heard the advice to not eat after 7 pm? Did you wonder why eating after 7 in the evening is not correct? If you are a person who sits down to dinner around 8 pm, then you might want to pay attention to the timing of your meals. Experts suggest that having meals late at night can keep your body on alert when it should be resting, which can have consequences on your health.

Eating dinner as early as 7 pm can improve overall health and well-being. Nutritionists emphasize having not only a light meal slightly earlier at night to maintain your body’s functioning. Thinking why? The human body does not have a clock; however, it does have an internal rhythm, known as a circadian rhythm, which plans many body functions. This rhythm allows the body to adjust to sleep, environmental changes, and other activities like eating and digestion. Therefore, your meal timings can affect your body’s metabolic regulation, weight regulation, sleep cycle, and heart health.

Here is how not eating after 7 pm results in better health and changes your life. 

1- Better Sleep

Eating close to your bedtime or overeating can raise the risk of indigestion and heartburn, making it difficult to sleep at night. 

When you eat late at night, the muscles responsible for digesting and metabolizing your food continue working when they should take a break. It can interfere with your circadian clock, preventing you from powering down and getting the deep sleep required to feel revived the following day.

On the other hand, if you take food before 7 pm, it helps in better digestion as well as metabolism. Also, not eating after 7 pm results in better sleep, and you wake up fresh too.

2- Weight Loss

Nutritionists claim that restricting food intake between 7 pm and 6 am can help decrease calorie intake. When you stop consuming food after 7 pm and do not have breakfast until 6 am or later, you are fasting for almost twelve hours or more. Overnight fasts will help trigger fat loss as your body has time to reach ketosis, a natural body process in which your uses or burns stored fat for energy. 

Not eating after 7 pm results in better digestion, and anything that aids digestion is good for weight loss. The later you consume food, the more likely it is that food will remain in your intestines, delaying digestion. 

On the other hand, if you schedule your dinner early and do not consume food after 7 pm, your body will be capable of utilizing that food efficiently, allowing you to lose weight. 

3- Improved Heart Health

Research suggests that when you sleep, your blood pressure decreases by almost 10 percent, aiding the body to relax and recover. Once you wake up, it starts to rise. Eating late at night adversely affects your blood pressure. When you eat late at night, your blood pressure remains higher, increasing the risk of a heart attack. Consuming food two to three hours before bedtime and not eating after 7 pm reduces the risk of high blood pressure and heart attacks.

4- Reduced Diabetes Risk 

Having food late at night increases the risk of diabetes (type II). It occurs when your body is unable to utilize insulin correctly. If you have dinner before or around 7 pm, your body uses insulin efficiently. When insulin levels are properly maintained, your risk of diabetes is considerably lowered.

5- Relief from Gastrointestinal Problems

Having late dinners or eating snacks on top of the last meal late at night can cause heartburn, enhancing the risk of gastrointestinal issues. You may often feel a burning sensation in the chest due to gas and bloating. 

Dieticians suggest that having dinner early and not eating after 7 pm reduces chances of acid reflux and heartburn.

6- Helps Your Body to Unwind and Repair While Sleeping

Your body has many essential tasks to achieve while you sleep. Your growth hormone will become active to allow you to age well, your detoxification organs deal with toxins, and the immune system produces cytokines, which alleviate inflammation and improves the function of the immune system, and a lot more.

When you stop eating after 7 pm, your overall health will improve as you allow your body to concentrate on these important tasks at night, rather than being distracted by blood sugar imbalances or digestion.


Is eating after 7 pm terrible for my weight?

Most people believe that eating before bedtime causes weight gain. However, the reality is that the answer is different for everyone. It typically depends from individual to individual.

Can I have some healthy snacks before bedtime? 

Experts suggest that not eating after 7 pm results in better health and boosts your weight loss journey, but you can take a healthy snack such as nuts and seeds if you are too hungry or it is necessary to eat something such as before taking a medication.

What is the best time to have my dinner?

The best time to have your last meal of the day is between 6 and 7 pm. An early dinner is recommended, and it should be light too.

I often wake up feeling puffy, achy, and tired in the morning. Is it because of having food late at night?

Yes, the chances are good that your late-night snacking or late dinner habits are causing it. Try to stop eating after 7 pm, and you will begin to notice the difference in how you feel the following day.


A healthy diet is critical to a healthy lifestyle. A healthy diet means having healthy food in the correct quantity at the right time. After a busy and long day, you often dig into food which is the reverse of what is suggested. You eat light breakfasts and often stuff yourself at dinner. These unhealthy eating habits often lead to various health problems, including the risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. The only solution to prevent most of these health issues is to avoid eating, especially after dinner. Not eating after 7 pm results in good health, including improved heart health, relief from gastrointestinal diseases, reduced risk of diabetes and high blood pressure, better sleep, and weight loss. Plan your meals at the right time today to allow your body to work at its best. 


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