How Much Do Braces Cost for Teens? And Things to Do Before Getting Them

How much do braces cost for teens

How much do braces cost for teens?

Teenagers suffer from several changes – from puberty and pimples to college and dating – and it’s often to embrace these transitions. One of these difficult transitions involves getting braces, as these standard dental tools are associated with the ‘nerd culture.’ No wonder 41% of teens are embarrassed by braces, and parents are concerned with the cost of getting them. This article deals with both of these problems. How much do braces cost teens, and what should your kids do before getting them? You will find the answer to these questions while learning why braces are essential for the child’s dental health. Moreover, we have added some FAQs for your convenience by the end of this short article.

  1. What are their types?

Let’s start with the most critical question: “How much do braces cost for teens today?” We have read estimates that braces for teens may cost you $5,000 on average. But these estimates have just compared the costs of the cheapest and the costliest braces to give you a mean value. In addition, the cost of an individual’s braces depends on what type of braces that individual is wearing. For this reason, we’ve mentioned some trendy braces with their estimated costs. So, you must decide carefully:

  • Metal braces: These traditional braces for teenagers cost at least $3,000.
  • Ceramic braces: They cost you at least $4,000, and they’re known as tooth-colored braces.
  • Lingual braces: These nearly-invisible braces – costing at least $8,000 – can give your teen confidence. However, they may also cause discomfort and take longer than traditional braces.
  • Invisalign: Some may call them an excellent substitute for braces, costing you $4,000 if you get the cheapest version. But Invisalign has its demerits and isn’t as effective as braces regarding complex issues.
  1. What are the benefits of getting braces?

Now that you know how much do braces cost for teens, It’s time to familiarize yourself with the benefits. There are many reasons why people should wear braces. The first thing you must do before getting them is to educate your teenager about the reasons why braces are essential. We’re sure stating a few benefits of metal braces will convince your teenager to wear them. After all, wearing them for a year or three isn’t bad when they give you a bright smile for the rest of your adult life. Boost a teen’s assurance by telling them it’s a little sacrifice for lifelong comfort. Here are some other benefits:

  • Brushing and flossing become a lot easier
  • Your speech, digestion, and confidence get better
  • You can avoid tooth decay and maintain your dental health
  • They fix other issues such as malocclusions, i.e., fixing your bite
  • They improve your appearance by straightening crooked teeth
  1. How prepared are to for getting braces?

Parents should prepare their teenagers for braces and explain how to handle them. In addition, you should perform the following things to prepare them for this experience. Now, how much do braces cost for teens? However, the expenses will be worth it if you take the following precautions today:

  • If teens are into sports, they must wear mouthguards while playing. That’s how a teen can prevent an injury to their teeth and braces.
  • Avoid eating complex meals and only consume soft meals for a while. In addition, you must avoid sugary drinks, hard candies, and other sticky substances while wearing braces.
  • Know their commonality and realize that 50-70 percent of American kids shall wear braces before becoming adults. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise, Emma Watson, and Justin Beiber in the past have worn braces.
  • You should prepare your kit for your braces and have the following objects: dental wax, a pocket mirror, and a travel-sized toothbrush. Include floss to maintain your dental health. What to do when you’re feeling tender in your mouth? Read the final subheading.
  • Teenagers should expect slight discomfort and prepare for soreness after wearing them. So, as your teeth are adjusting to your braces, it’s okay to consume Tylenol (if your orthodontist recommends it) to counter this discomfort. Be patient, and this tenderness will fade.

FAQs about how much do braces cost for teens

Question 1: Are braces painful?

They are not supposed to be painful, but you may feel soreness as your gums adjust.

Question 2: How long will I wear braces?

It depends on what kind of improvements you’re expecting. Teens wear them for 6-30 months.

Question 3: What can I not eat while wearing braces?

Avoid sticky candy such as taffy, caramel, and chewing gums.

Question 4: How do people sleep while wearing braces?

You must sleep on your back and take Tylenol if an orthodontist recommends it.

Question 5: How much do braces cost for teens with HSA or FSA?

If your orthodontist recommends these braces, you can pay for them with HSA or FSA.


In short, this article explains that braces may cost you $5,000 on average. But metal braces are cheaper and usually cost $3,000, at least. It’s an excellent investment for your teenager’s future, though. In other words, the question “How much do braces cost for teens?” depends on the improvements your teenager needs. Before getting these braces, explain the benefits of getting braces to the teenager. Tell them how standard braces are today and how they might expect some soreness after getting them. They must avoid complex meals and thrive on soft food for a little while. Get your teenager a mouthguard, a safety kit for braces, and other relevant stuff. That’s how these braces will give them a better smile.


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