Can You Have Honey On Keto Diet?

Can You Have Honey On Keto

The keto craze is getting real; stories of people losing weight quickly and effectively fill the air.

One reason why people happily jump on the keto bandwagon is because of the wide range of options that comes with it. You can indulge in all your favorite foods, from creamy mushroom steaks to stretchy mozzarella sticks, and create an extensive diet plan. That’s true for even those with a sweet tooth. A chia pudding mug or a keto-friendly cupcake easily fits within your diet’s parameters.

But what about honey? Can you have honey on keto?

Let’s understand more about the ketogenic diet and honey better in this blog post.

What is the keto diet?

The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat diet. It involves reducing carbohydrate consumption to the extent that your body can switch from burning carbs for energy to burning fat. This metabolic state is known as ketosis. The diet is designed to help your body maintain this state and burn fat more effectively.

The foods allowed on the keto diet include healthy fats, such as avocado and olive oil, meat and fish, nuts and seeds, and non-starchy vegetables. But can you have honey on keto? We’ll answer that in a bit.

How many carbs can you have on keto?

The amount of carbs you can have on the keto diet depends on your individual goals and metabolic needs. Generally, you should stay within 20-50 grams of net carbs per day. So, you must closely monitor how much carbs you consume each day to ensure that you stay within your daily limit.

To help you calculate, net carbs are total carbohydrates minus fiber.

So, can you have honey on keto to stay within this range? Well, one spoonful of honey contains approximately 17g of carbs and 64 calories, so what do you think?

honey’s sugar content

Before we can answer the question: can you have honey on keto, we want you to understand the makeup of honey.

Like, white sugar, honey is also made of two types of sugars: 40% fructose and 30% glucose.

Fructose comes from plant-based sources such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. Since fructose is a monosaccharide, the body easily absorbs it. However, according to experts, fructose is the most harmful sugar for your body since it’s metabolized in the liver.

Similarly, glucose, too, is a simple sugar that is easily absorbed by the body. It has been linked to blood sugar regulation, energy levels, and improved focus. But too much can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

Does honey contain fat and protein?

Fat and protein are the two essential macros that are the cornerstone of the keto diet. The roles of fat and protein for keto dieters are similar to those of carbohydrates, except instead of providing energy, they provide the body with essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Unfortunately, honey does not contain any significant amount of fat or protein, making it difficult to make use of the keto macros.

Can you have honey on keto?

So, the moment of truth: can you have honey on keto?

The answer is it depends. If you are aiming to maintain the metabolic state of ketosis, it is advised to stay away from honey and other sugary foods. Even though honey does provide some benefits, it can kick you out of ketosis as it has a high sugar content.

Does raw honey fit into a keto diet?

While many believe that raw honey is a suitable addition to a keto diet since it’s unprocessed, the truth of the matter is that all types of honey are similar nutritionally and contain fructose and glucose. Subsequently, these sugars will take you out of ketosis if you’re following your keto plan strictly – so unfortunately, raw honey isn’t recommended either.

Having said this, there may be ways to incorporate some into your meals while staying in a state of ketosis. However, moderation should remain a top priority!

How much honey can you have on keto?

Honey is considered a superfood, given its health benefits. It is a potent source of antioxidants and possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it’s natural for people to want to enjoy all the benefits that honey offers.

In this case, if you’re wondering how can you have honey on keto, we recommend limiting your consumption to no more than 10-15 g per day. It should be enough to enjoy the benefits of honey without taking you out of ketosis.

It’s important to note that if you’re adding your allowed carbs in the form of honey, you should reduce your other carb sources to stay within the 20-40 grams of net carbs per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are other questions besides ‘can you have honey on keto?’ that may arise. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding honey and the Keto diet:

What is considered a keto-friendly sweetener?

Several options are available if you’re looking for ways to add more sweetness to your keto diet. Keto-friendly sweeteners are those that contain zero carbs and no sugar. These include monk fruit sweetener, erythritol, stevia, and xylitol. They come in various forms, such as powders, drops, and syrups.

Which keto diets are honey-compatible?

Honey is not suitable for all forms of keto diets. It is compatible only with a moderate and cyclical keto diet. These diets allow more net carbs per day and some flexibility with the foods you can eat.

How can I safely introduce honey to my post-keto diet?

If you have decided to transition out of the Keto diet, introducing honey can be a safe and gradual process. Start by adding small amounts of honey to your diet. Monitor how it affects your energy levels and weight, then adjust the amount accordingly.


We hope you have your answer to “can you have honey on keto?”

However, to re-iterate, it’s important to note that if you choose to incorporate honey into your diet, it should be done in moderation and with an understanding of its effects on your body. Additionally, you should monitor how honey affects your energy levels and weight so that you can adjust the amount accordingly.


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