What Do 2 Month Metformin Weight Loss Results Look Lie? Does The Drug Work?

2 Month Metformin Weight Loss Results

Before we learn about 2 Month Metformin Weight Loss Results, you must first be well-acquainted with Metformin if you or someone you know someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes. The drug helps control diabetes in patients by decreasing blood sugar released from the liver and allowing the body to use its insulin better. These patients have a low risk of being affected by diabetic complications because their bodies can maintain a stable glucose level.

However, Metformin is also notorious for its side effects on some patients, which makes it a prescription drug. Although there is one side-effect of Metformin you may not be able to criticize- weight loss.

Researchers have found a link between Metformin intake and weight loss in patients who take the drug on a routine basis. But how? And to what extent? And what do 2 month metformin weight loss results look like? To answer these queries, we will have to dig a little deeper into this matter.

Mechanism of the drug

First, we must know how Metformin works to understand the drug’s effect on weight loss. Metformin helps reduce baseline blood sugar and blood sugar levels after meals. Here are three ways it does that:

  • Decreases insulin resistance: Insulin is a hormone released by our body to move sugar from the bloodstream into the cells, providing energy to our cells. Too much sugar in the blood can cause cells to not respond to insulin. A build-up of sugar in the blood can increase blood sugar levels. This is Insulin Resistance. Metformin is known to decrease insulin resistance by helping muscles efficiently use glucose.
  • Less sugar production: Do you know your body can produce sugars independently too? Most of these sugars are made in the liver. Metformin acts against this mechanism by lowering the amount of sugar produced by the body.
  • Low sugar absorption: When food enters your intestines, it is broken down into elements like sugars and other nutrients. From here, they enter the bloodstream. Metformin regulates the sugar absorbed into your bloodstream, thus maintaining a balanced sugar level.

Using Metformin improves overall sugar levels in patients and protects them from complications caused by diabetes, such as kidney damage, diabetic neuropathy, and eye damage.

Cause of weight loss

Several theories provide clues for why Metformin is causing weight loss in patients. Metformin was not originally formed to act as a weight loss medication for anyone. But, with time, it has been proven that it is responsible for weight loss in diabetic and non-diabetic patients. These theories will help you understand whether or not 2 month Metformin weight loss results work for everyone.

The first theory is that because Metformin becomes active in the gut, it changes the natural balance of microbiota in the digestive system. As it alters the natural bacteria in the gut, digestive issues like bacteria, vomiting, and stomach pain are commonly observed in patients. So, scientists speculated that these digestive problems cause reduced appetite in people, which results in weight loss.

But these symptoms went away with time. On the other hand, people who lose weight because of Metformin keep losing pounds even after the symptoms ease.

Another more plausible theory is that the drug acts on the hormone Leptin, which can give patients a sense of satiety. This way, patients will have a decreased appetite, forcing their bodies to get energy from their fat reservoirs.

Research evidence

If we look at the research evidence of Metformin’s link to weight loss, we will find that different researchers try to pinpoint the cause of weight loss in people who take Metformin. These studies draw two conclusions; a lack of appetite or severe digestive symptoms causing low levels of hunger in patients. A study published in 2020 found that when participants increased their Metformin dose, it decreased their desire to eat.

Another study affirmed the abovementioned theory by concluding that Metformin causes GI disturbances in patients, which can lead to the consumption of fewer calories. In light of these findings, you can see that 2 month Metformin weight loss results are more likely to be positive.

Weight loss possibility

The theories and findings stated above show an obvious possibility of weight loss for patients who take Metformin. However, it is not a weight loss pill in any form. Metformin is a medicine for diabetes that happens to help patients lose weight. And studies show that weight loss caused by this drug is not monumental either. Research cited above will tell you that most people lose only 5-10 pounds. This is not enough for someone who needs to lose more than 25 pounds. The best way to lose weight for a diabetic patient would be to use the drug in addition to regular exercise and a healthy diet.


Considering all the evidence, Metformin can help people reduce a modest weight. But, it still is not a weight loss pill. Many factors play a part when it comes to losing weight. If you want a positive result from this drug, you should take care of your diet and lifestyle. You will have to make changes in your daily life to be able to see 2 month Metformin weight loss results.


Can I take Metformin as a non-diabetic?

Although a study done on non-diabetic individuals shows that Metformin is effective for weight loss in everyone, it is a prescription medicine, and you won’t get it unless your doctor recommends it.

Why haven’t I lost weight with Metformin?

If patients want to see positive results from Metformin, they must adopt healthy habits. Solely depending on Metformin won’t cut the chase.

When do you start seeing weight loss results with Metformin?

It depends on how you are taking the drug. If you exercise and eat healthily, you will yield 2 month Metformin weight loss results.


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