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Most Common Symptoms During Pregnancy – Mood Swings, Morning Sickness, Smell & Others

Is the good news out yet? The feeling of becoming a mother to an unborn child is beyond words, making you feel powerful and strapping. After all, you bring a human to this world – an incredible feat of strength on your body’s part. Pregnancy is delightful and exciting, as mothers spend the entire nine months dreaming of the baby’s bright future. You will catch yourself fluttering around children’s stores, picking clothes, and other adorable baby things.

Despite all happiness and joy, pregnancy is not all sunshine, rainbows, or walk in the garden. Whether the pregnancy news hit you by surprise or you were waiting for it – your life will never be the same again. The entire journey is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride of emotions and mood swings. In addition to the physical evolution of the body, you would come across weird and negative emotions.

Feeling nervous, anxious and experiencing pregnancy mood swings is normal, but worrying about it can be unhealthy for the baby. You have to continue with life as an average person and enjoy your freedom until the little bundle of joy starts keeping you occupied. Remember, your body is going through a significant change, which means you will feel nauseous, cranky, and sick. If you are unaware of this, have a look below.

Here are the six most common pregnancy symptoms that women experience.

1. Morning Sickness

During the first trimester, women complain of morning sickness that is the urge to vomit. If you feel nauseous after having food or a glass of milkshake, consider it to be morning sickness. Sometimes, it happens without even eating something. Morning sickness can get triggered by heat, odor, and excess salivation. If it continues after the trimester, you might start experiencing pregnancy mood swings as patience levels are dropping.

The only way to keep sanity and ride the waves of morning sickness is by holding on to the belief that this discomfort helps the baby grow. And, despite the name, morning sickness can happen at any time of the day or night.

2. Pregnancy Mood Swings

Unsurprisingly, you will find yourself throwing tantrums all the time. Every woman experiences mood swings during pregnancy due to all the physical stress and fatigue. You will often see yourself going mad over petty things like dirty laundry, cold weather, or slow functioning fan. All the changes in your metabolism and hormone levels affect the level of neurotransmitters. These are the brain chemicals responsible for regulating mood.

All these pregnancy hormones mood swings occur during the first trimester and then again in the third one as the body prepares for birth. As everyone gives attention to the physical changes in the body, people fail to acknowledge the emotional and mental changes that a pregnant woman goes through. Hence, this frustration leads to severe mood swings.

3. Smells Feel Stronger

Does the smell of pizza or burgers turn your stomach? Surprisingly, pregnant women become more sensitive and reactive to the scents around – another symptom of pregnancy. You might use to love parmesan chicken, but its smell can make you feel nauseous during pregnancy. You can’t blame anyone but pregnancy hormones for this keener sense of smell. The estrogen makes the scent feel like an all-out assault on nostrils, resulting in morning sickness.

4. Excessive Hair Fall During Pregnancy

Do you know when pregnancy mood swings start? Theoretically, it happens in the first and last trimester, but practically it occurs when your body experience changes such as hair fall. During pregnancy, hair follicles go into the resting phase – part of the standard hair loss cycle. However, the hair fall is not extreme to cause bald spots or permanent hair loss. Usually, it diminishes after 4-5 months of delivery.

Despite this, seeing hair fall is very painful as woman love their hair. Alongside the weight gain, this hair loss tends to shatter confidence. Start having multivitamins to control hair fall as often it happens due to mineral deficiencies.

5. Glowing Skin

Are you wondering if pregnancy glow is real or not? Since your body is experiencing changes, a combination of factors can generate pregnancy glow. The blood volume in your body increases, bringing more blood to the vessels and making your skin look flushed. Likewise, the changes in hormone levels secrete more oil on the skin glands, giving you shiny and glowing skin. It makes women feel happy and keeps them satisfied for the entire nine months.

6. Sweet Tooth Cravings & Aversions

Whether it is pickles, lemon, avocados, or waffles – pregnancy cravings are pretty weird and bizarre. If you were fond of Nutella before pregnancy, the chances are that you will be craving it during your entire pregnancy. Nutritionists believe all cravings are meaningful – a desire for red meat is more like a transparent cry for protein. Therefore, instead of ignoring them, consume food wisely and in the right proportion. However, you have to stay careful of all the sweet tooth cravings since diabetes chances are higher in pregnancy.

Wrapping Up

Pregnancy is an overwhelming and exciting experience as you move towards the next phase of life – motherhood. Indeed, having a baby inside your body can be emotionally and physically exhausting, but the joy of bringing new life in this world is second to none. Hence, take care of yourself rather than worrying about it and enjoy this journey. Lookup for all the symptoms and signs like pregnancy mood swing right after hearing the good news to brace yourself for this ride.