How To Sleep With Sunburn Easily – Quick Fixes & Instant Relief

As people say goodbye to long winters, they brace themselves for the summer season. It all about light clothing, unfettered access to the outdoors, and unlimited trips to the beach. With more time outdoors, you open yourself to loads of sun exposure that poses severe threats to skin health. Have you ever come across redness all over hands, arms, feet, and face? Usually, these are the after-effects of a fun beach trip, causing sunburn.

A sunburn is a type of skin damage resulting from extreme exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Whether it a sunny day or a cloudy one – sunburn can happen anytime. It damages the skin cells, and as a response to that, the human body sends extra blood to the skin. It is the reason why sunburns appear deeply red. It is pretty uncomfortable as the body feels swollen, painful, hot, and itchy, disrupting life’s routine activities.

Sometimes, it leads to potential headaches, fever, and chills that wreck a healthy sleep pattern. Your skin will also feel uncomfortable when resting on the bed, not letting you rest arms or legs properly. Is the prolonged irritation even sabotaging your sleep? Don’t worry because we have some excellent solutions on how to sleep with sunburn itch readily.

Tips to Sleep with Sunburn

When it comes to sunburn, most people try to combat the icing problem, which makes it worse. There is already excessive blood in the skin, and if you apply ice, it will result in more swelling. Instead of chasing after the myths, look for genuine tips. If you can’t find any, have a look below and determine how to sleep with sunburn calmly.

Use Aloe to Moisturize

The itching sensations with an urge to scratch are inescapable, causing immense pain in the burnt areas. You might be busy with the chores during the day, but resisting the urge to scratch is impossible at night. Thus, consider moisturizing your skin to ease the bad sunburn, but stay away from chemicalized products. The affected skin is super fragile, and even slight use of chemicals can damage it.

A fantastic product could be the aloe vera gel as it can rejuvenate dry skin and soothe inflammation. It packs a healthy supply of vitamins that tone down the pain, providing relief to the skin. It is a surefire way to guarantee better sleep with sunburn.

Hydrate Yourself

Do you know how to sleep with sunburn and irritation? Sunburn leaves your skin dry, resulting in excessive itching while spoiling your sleep. If you want to sleep better, ensure that you are drinking enough water during the day. Sunburn is continuously drawing fluids to the skin, resulting in dehydration if you don’t drink enough water. Therefore, instead of eight glasses a day, make it at least 10-12 glasses to close doors for dehydration.

Change Sheets Clothing Fabric

Are you thinking about what to wear to bed with sunburn or whether the bed sheet will cause more itching? Clothing plays a crucial role in determining the level of discomfort your body feels. Tight and restrictive clothes don’t let the air pass through. It also leaves burned areas at the risk of brushing up against the fabric, worsening burns condition while you are asleep. Therefore, stick to loose-fitting clothes with breathable fabric to provide ventilation to the affected areas. Keep all the polyester and nylon nightwear aside and get some cotton ones to sleep peacefully at night.

The Cooler the Better!

Sunburn happens from excessive heat, and the only way to reduce its impact is by staying in colder temperatures. Decrease the air conditioner’s temperature at night as cold weather helps relieve dryness and itchiness in affected skin. The brisk winds will soothe your skin, helping you fall asleep faster while improving sleep quality. Moreover, use a memory foam mattress that traps heat. You can also use a gel layer or cooling sheet as it will make the bed feel cooler against your sunburn skin. If you are still skeptical about how to sleep with sunburn skin, take a cold bath before bed.

Change Sleeping Position

If nothing seems to work, try different sleeping positions for sunburn until you find a comfortable one.  Try sleeping on your back with arms on the stomach to minimize burning sensation or shift your body weight on the shoulders. Are you wondering how to sleep with a sunburn on the shoulder? Look at your arms and see which side has relatively less sunburn and change your sleeping position accordingly. However, if this doesn’t help, take pain medication, or apply ointment to numb it if the pain gets unbearable.

Does Sunburn Get Worst at Night?

You might think this is a myth, but unfortunately, this a fact. Thus, the question is, why do sunburn gets worse at night and causes more pain? Have a look below to find your answers.

  • Friction: When your skin gets in constant contact with sheets, pillows, and blankets, the irritation worsens. All this friction can significantly increase the pain you feel at night. Use a clean bed sheet, remove all the extra pillows from the bed, and find a comfortable position. After all, this is how you should be sleeping with a sunburn to minimize the impact of pain.
  • High-Brain Activity: At night, you are away from the hustle-bustle of life with no distractions. Thus, your brain keeps thinking about the pain and can also create a subjective effect, registering the increase of pain.
  • Post-Sunburn Impact: Sunburn becomes visible after 30 minutes, but it takes a few days to develop and create maximum discomfort. Unfortunately, the time discrepancy can create a situation where you underestimate the damage until night when the pain gets unbearable. It is the time when people wonder how to sleep with sunburns.

If it seems super awful, visit a doctor immediately. They would recommend ointment and pain medications, which can help with the healing process while reducing itchiness and pain.

Final Thoughts

The sun’s rays are more harmful than one can imagine, and with the depleting ozone layer, it is getting intense. Plus if you get it, it would be very hard to sleep with sunburn. Therefore, don’t think of stepping out of the house without sunscreen, even when it is cloudy outside. Pack an extra bottle of sunscreen for your beach trip to stay away from sunburns. But in case of sunburn happens, you can always minimize its effect through some tips and tricks. Hydrate yourself, wear loose clothes, and don’t let a sunburn disturb your sleep or routine.