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Learn How To Fake Stomach Flu When You Need A Day Off

Do you want to escape the commitments for a day or two? At times, things happen at the last minute. You might have to leave something valuable to address another significant problem or event. Honestly, making up excuses is pretty challenging, but fake stomach flu can do the trick. There are no external symptoms of stomach flu, meaning people would never know you are pretending. You only have to manipulate the signs and play your part correctly.

With a fake stomach pain, you have to complain of itching, cramps, and irritation in the stomach. Explain to people how you find it arduous to keep standing by finding yourself a place to sit. Otherwise, you can also use the trick of denial or continue to work despite illness and let coworkers inquire about your health. Most importantly, don’t exaggerate and keep it real to make people believe your agony. If you are wondering why people fake stomach flu, here we are unfolding some of the reasons.

Reasons for Faking Stomach Flu

Indeed, everyone wants to become a millionaire without getting up from bed, but there is no magic spell. When it is about earning money, you have to work for it tirelessly. In the hustle-bustle of life and professional commitments, sparing some extra time seems impossible, which can get exhausting. Boss doesn’t accept leave applications for even genuine reasons, leaving you with no option but to play ill. Instead of claiming to have a disease, learn how to fake stomach flu? Look below for some of the reasons.

  • Personal Commitments: Sometimes, you have to let your guard down. If you crave a dinner with your family for ages, this excuse can help you get an early off. Similarly, it would work for any other personal commitment – sorting things with the lawyer, buying property, or settling debts.
  • College Classes: As they say, one should never stop learning. If you are running your life on this concept, bailing from office early or at odd hours every day is unthinkable. Perhaps, a fake stomach ulcer or diarrhea can help make it to class on time.
  • Work on Your Startup: After some point, every employee wants to become his/her boss. It is impossible without a supportive leader who is willing to give some leverage. If not, you can use this excuse to walk out.
  • You Want Some Me-Time: If you are not getting leave for the long-awaited spa date, fake stomach pain comes in handy. Everyone deserves a little retreat after spending days tiring eyes in front of the screen.
  • Another Job Interview: Telling the boss you need to leave because you have an interview at another company can put your current job at risk. Whereas, a fake stomach ache can save the day – your job and the interview.

Ways to Fake a Stomach Flu

Do you know how to fake sick? It is more than telling your colleagues that you are sick. You have to put on a show to make everyone believe your illness is legitimate. Let us help you teach the tricks of how to fake stomach flu without leaving room for doubts.

1.    Act You Are Sick

First of all, determine your illness – whether you have flu, stomach pain, fever, or diarrhea. Once you know your illness, Google all the symptoms. If you are having stomach pain, typical signs will be cramps, bloating, and discomfort. Thus, start showing these symptoms and act like you are sick. You can also manifest the unusual behavior – for instance, don’t socialize much, isolate yourself from the coworkers, etc. Refrain from bugging people about your condition and let them ask. Alongside this, you can also learn how to fake fever with the stomachache, making the situation look more palpable.

2.    Stop Eating & Drinking

Unfortunately, you can’t pretend to be sick and slurp bottles of soda since every action count. With a stomach pain, it is practically out of the question to have an appetite. Therefore, consider to stop eating and drinking in front of the employees to project the correct impression. It could be a bonus point if you know how to fake diarrhea. You will have to r rush to the bathroom every ten minutes with hands on the mouth and other on the stomach. It would make people suspect your poor health, giving them a fair and genuine idea about your illness.

3.    Show Other Fake Symptoms

If you are not a good actor, we can teach some other fake symptoms. You have to start appearing more sluggish than usual. Behave like you can’t pay attention or fully concentrate on the tasks given. If there are any group meetings, sit in a corner, and try to avoid discussions. Since you have a fake stomach virus, stay in character, and exhibit the symptoms carefully.

If your boss insists on having an in-house checkup, learn how to fake a stomach bug to a doctor. No one can’t judge the disease by external symptoms. Avoid any x-rays or blood samples and stick to the medicines if the practitioner prescribes any. Besides, don’t let any of this come in between your goals and work.

Final Thoughts

It might sound unethical to fake a fever or stomach flu, but the overwhelming professional life doesn’t give a choice. Some people have to work overtime to meet demands while professional commitments bound others. If your boss refuses to give any day off, get into the ‘sick’ character, and escape work. However, don’t use stomachache as an excuse for your laziness and ensure to use it for a genuine cause.